What is Combat Focus Shooting?

Combat Focus Shooting is an intuitive shooting program designed to help the student  become a more efficient shooter in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. This  is not a marksmanship course, nor is it designed to accentuate skills that only work  well on a square range in front of paper targets.

For decades, combat shooters have known (and progressive trainers have acknowledged)  that the human body and mind have predictable, instinctive responses to surprise and  lethal threats. While the basics of weapons handling and marksmanship are important  skills for all shooters, they are not the basis for success during most lethal  encounters involving the defensive use of a handgun.

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Instructor Development

To date, there is a less than 50% certification rate for those who attend a CFS Instructor Development program in the hope of becoming certified to offer the program or become a staff or adjunct instructor.

This intense 4 day course will give students a deeper insight into the theory, explanation and instructing of Combat Focus Shooting Fundamentals. The focus of the Instructor Development Program is NOT to create demonstrators nor to test one's shooting ability. 90% of the course time is spent in a classroom setting discussing the fundamentals of dynamic critical incidents and the recommended methods of teaching efficient armed response during them.

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Recent News & Updates

July 01, 2015

8th Annual CFS Instructor Conference 2015

2015 CFS Instructors Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

October 14, 2013

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January 29, 2011

How to Host a Training Course?

I get a lot of email, Facebook messages and forum comments from people who ask me when there is going to be a Combat Focus® Shooting course in their area.


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That is another thing, most of the regional EXPERTS are always trying to SELL something, I feel that Rob, and his instructors are the real deal, not out too make a quick buck feeding off of peoples fears.

- Bruce